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Are you looking for bean-to-cup machines for small offices? Or perhaps bean-to-cup machines for the home are what you need? Find them here.

Whether you’re looking for a coffee machine for your home that goes above and beyond the domestic norm or whether you’re seeking a perfect way to prepare delicious coffee for your small office, a bean to cup machine could be precisely what you need. The ideal choice for home and small offices, these machines are designed to take all of the hard work out of preparing fresh, rich and aromatic coffee, grinding the beans and making an amazing brew from the convenience of a single appliance.

Why Choose Bean-To-Cup Machines For Small Offices?

There are several reasons why bean-to-cup machines are the coffee machine of choice for small offices. However, perhaps the most important is that these appliances allow you to prepare delicious and aromatic coffee to enjoy at your desk with just the touch of a button. Designed to grind the beans, brew them and prepare the milk, these innovative appliances are speedy, simple to clean and, most importantly, high-performance. So you can satisfy your caffeine fix needs as well as those of your clients and co-workers in minutes.

Why Choose Bean-To-Cup Machines For The Home?

More domestic coffee lovers than ever before are turning to bean-to-cup machines thanks to the amazing flavour that they can produce. Grinding coffee beans in the comfort of your own home has become increasingly popular over recent years. Now these handy appliances allow you to save space on your countertop as well as time and effort when it comes to preparing your favourite brew by integrating both grinding, brewing and in some cases milk preparation functions into one device.

Now, all you need to do is press a single button and your trusty bean-to-cup machine will do everything for you, resulting in an amazingly fresh and flavoursome hot beverage in your hands in no time at all.

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Why Are Melitta And Jura Coffee Machines The Best Choice For Bean-To-Cup Preparation?

Our range of bean-to-cup coffee machines features models from two of the leading brands in the industry – Melitta and Jura. Both brands are well-known for the quality of their products and the impressive flavour and aroma of the coffee that they produce.

The Melitta brand hails from Germany and boasts a long and illustrious heritage in the coffee-making sector. Meanwhile, the Jura Professional range of coffee machines has long been a favourite with office customers thanks to their reliability, stylish good looks and user-friendly controls. Both brands represent the perfect choice for any domestic or small office coffee lovers who want to enjoy a tempting array of drinks without any additional fuss or hassle.

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Which Bean-To-Cup Machine Is Best For Me?

In our range, we offer a number of different bean-to-cup coffee machines, all of which promise durability, reliability and high performance. So, how do you choose which one is right for your needs? The answer depends very much on what you’re looking for.

For example, the Barista TS Smart could be ideal if you have eclectic tastes in coffee but only need to prepare around 15 cups per day. With its single-touch operation, this machine boasts a truly impressive 21 drink options all of which are of excellent quality and made to original Italian recipes. This machine is Smart by name and smart by nature – it doesn’t get much smarter than this since personalising your drinks can be accomplished from the palm of your hand using your smartphone. You can save all your favourite recipes to the My Coffee Memory facility, while the IntenseAroma function changes the brewing process to create even more flavour.

This is also a low-maintenance appliance with detachable milk and brewing chambers for easier cleaning. Having been awarded the Quiet Mark for the quietness of its grinder, this machine is the optimal choice for board rooms, meeting rooms and small offices where noise levels are at a premium.

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The WE8 with Cool Control Milk Cooler, on the other hand, from the Jura Professional range is ideal if you have larger scale coffee making needs. Suitable for preparing up to 30 cups each day, this machine brings big flavour to small offices thanks to its stylish and sleek good looks and simple-to-use operation. Users can choose from no less than 15 different speciality drinks, all of which are sumptuously rich and deep, and thanks to the integrated fine foam frother, making the perfect cappuccino couldn’t be easier.

Of course, as you would expect from a high-performance machine, this model comes with smart engineering built into its design, including a Cool Control milk container that keeps the milk chilled at just the right temperature. You can also quickly and easily customise your brew by choosing the type of coffee and the amount you want in the cup as well as the required volume of water. When used with the accompanying smartphone app, you can choose and save preferences and even order your favourite hot drink right from your phone.

Then again, if you’re running a micro office or are working from home and need a small but fully automatic bean-to-cup machine that will guarantee you cutting-edge technology along with exquisitely deep flavour, Melitta’s Purista Series 300 Fully Automatic machine is sure to fit the bill. Designed for compactness, this machine is just 20-cm in width and so can fit easily into tiny spaces.

Meanwhile, its removable units allow for easier cleaning and its innovative Favourite Coffee function allows you to save all your preferences in seconds. This appliance also boasts an aroma-extraction system for even greater depth of flavour with every sip. If black coffee drinks are your thing, the Purista is perfect for you.

While we’re sure that our small office bean-to-cup coffee machines will meet and exceed your expectations, we also know that sometimes you need coffee making solutions on a larger scale. If so, check out the Roast & Ground range of commercial coffee machines today to find a model that’s perfect for you, together with on-site maintenance contracts and more.