Barista TS Smart

Perfect for up to 15 drinks daily

Discover one-touch coffee with 21 drink options, four of which are pre-programmed in light touch hot keys, the other 17 accessible through a menu.

Drinks are of great quality as preparation follows the original Italian recipes, so ingredients are added in the right order, and the grinder empties fully each time, so you’ll always be using freshly ground coffee beans.

You can use your smartphone to personalize your drinks, with two separate bean chambers to create the perfect blend. Use the IntenseAroma to alter the brewing process to select a more intense flavour and save your favourite recipes using the ‘My Coffee Memory’ facility.

It’s not just about clever technology though, as this electronic coffee machine features beautiful engineering. Fully detachable brewing and milk chambers are convenient, while the integrated programme steam cleans the milk system at the touch of a button.

This bean-to-cup machine is the world’s first fully automatic machine to be awarded the Quiet Mark seal of approval for a quiet grinder. This makes it perfect for the home, home offices and small office locations, such as meeting rooms and board rooms.

Free 450g coffee with this machine – choose your free pack at the checkout. 

Despatched within 3-5 days.



– Two bean chambers for automated or custom recipes.
– Smartphone app to select between 21 different drinks.
– My Coffee Memory saves personal preferences for up to 4 people.
– Bean-to-cup technology means the precise amount of beans are freshly ground every time.
– Touch-and-slide technology means you can make coffee with one touch.
– Authentic coffee-making process.
– Will prepare two cups at the same time.
– IntenseAroma delivers a stronger taste through more intense brewing.
– Award-winning quiet grinder which has the Quiet Mark seal.
– High-resolution TFT colour display.
– Powerful 15-bar pressure.
– Easy to clean with an automatic cleaning and descaling programme, removable brewing units and dishwasher safe milk containers.
– Energy-efficient mode.
– Available in stainless steel, black or silver.

Technical Specifications

LED Cup IlluminationYes
Smart app controlYes
Guarantee2 Years
Amount (Cups/Day)10 to 15
Energy Saving ModeYes
Pump Pressure15 bar
Programmable Brewing Temperature87°C/ 90°C/ 93°C
Height Adjustable Coffee Outlet140mm
Volume Bean Container2 x 135g
Sound OptimizationYes
Milk Container1Litre
Programme the Product ButtonsYes
Stainless Steel Drip TrayYes
Automatic Cleaning and Descaling ProgrammeYes
Removable Brewing UnitYes
Volume Water Tank1.8Litre
Active Level Monitoring Bean ContainerYes
Indicator for Water Filter ChangeYes
Auto-OFF FeatureYes
Hot WaterYes
Warm MilkYes
Cup WarmerYes


Q: Can this coffee machine remember different favourite recipes?
A: Yes. The My Coffee feature can store up to four profiles and eight different recipes.

Q: Can I make more than one cup at once?
A: The Barista TS can make two cups of coffee at once in Double Cup Mode, while simultaneously steaming milk.

Q: Do I need to stand and wait for my coffee to be made?
A: No. Although there are separate nozzles, there’s no need to move the cup, so you can go and find some biscuits while you’re waiting!

Q: How many cups per day can it make?
A: This machine can make up to 15 cups per day. It’s perfect for the home, home offices, micro-offices and other low volume office environments.

Q: Will I have to throw away unused milk?
A: No. The removable milk container easily fits in the fridge (and the dishwasher when it needs a clean). That said your drinks will taste better if you use fresh milk daily.

Q: Is it easy to clean?
A: Yes. The milk and brewing units can be completely removed for easy cleaning, plus the milk system can be steam cleaned using the integrated function.

Q: How much does it weigh?
A: 10.4kg.

Q: Is it hard to clean and descale the machine?
A: It is not hard, but on-going machine cleaning and maintenance is really important. Scale build-up will affect drink quality and eventually cause faults. Scale-related faults are generally not covered by manufacturers’ warranties. When using fresh milk, it is especially important to clean regularly so the equipment is hygienic and safe to use. You should always follow the manufacturer guidelines regarding frequency of cleaning and descaling and use the recommended products. You can find the products recommended for the machines we sell here.

Q: Can I use this machine commercially?
A: The Melitta machines featured here are designed for Home office and Small office use, or places where a larger office might require a smaller volume such as a reception or meeting room. If you are looking for a machine that will do greater volume you may like to check out our commercial machine range here.

Q: What is the warranty?
A: In a domestic environment (this includes small offices and home office) the warranty is 2 years or 7.500 drinks per annum, whichever is the sooner. In a commercial environment the warranty is 12 months or 7,500 drinks per annum.

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