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Are you looking for coffee machines for small offices? A Fracino coffee machine could be just what you’re looking for. Learn more here.

If you’re running a small business, whether from home or an office, finding a way to make delicious coffee is a top priority. After all, nobody can get motivated in the morning without a strong cup of the dark stuff on hand to help you wake up! When it comes to great-tasting coffee, it’s hard to beat a traditional espresso, and if you’re looking for the best coffee machines for small offices, a Fracino coffee machine could be just what you need.

Who Are Fracino?

Fracino’s espresso coffee machines are well-known as a brand leader in the UK for their reliability, durability and high performance.  As an award-winning manufacturer of espresso machines, Fracino are famous for their innovative flair which has led to their machines being exported across 5 continents to more than 70 different countries.

The brand was first established in the early 1960s when Frank Maxwell, known as the “godfather of espresso” decided to strip down a coffee machine that he bought second-hand during his family holiday to Italy. Just a year later, his business was launched from his garden shed as he began to import coffee machines and supply them to retail outlets all over the country.

Today within the UK, Fracino machines can be found in all kinds of venues, from restaurants and boutique hotels to coffee shops and offices. It’s no wonder, then, that anyone seeking a high-quality coffee machine for home offices would be well-advised to give this brand a try.

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Why Choose Fracino’s Prosumer Coffee Machines?

For those not in the know, prosumer coffee machines are designed to be one step up from a traditional domestic machine. Created to be more durable, more robust and more capable of withstanding the rigours of everyday use in a small office environment. These quality machines produce outstanding coffee in volumes that are ideal for anyone running an office from home, a micro-office or a small workplace with just a handful of employees on board.

Fracino boasts an impressive range of prosumer coffee machines that are perfect for coffee-loving employers and workers nationwide. Made from British-sourced copper, brass and stainless steel, their espresso machines are manufactured using the most cutting-edge technology by a talented team of skilled engineers. As a result, the model range this brand produces offers exceptional reliability, amazing quality and, above all, a long working lifespan.

Is An Espresso Machine For Me?

It’s fair to say that you need to be fairly engaged to invest in a traditional espresso machine. After all, there’s a learning curve involved in discovering how to make the perfect coffee to suit your tastes and preferences. Yet, learning those skills is certainly worth the investment in terms of time and money since once you’ve mastered the ability to produce the perfect espresso or cappuccino, you’ll have the ultimate flexibility when it comes to preparing your favourite brew.

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Which Fracino Machine Is The Best Choice For My Needs?

If you’re ready to invest in a Fracino espresso machine, you’ll need to decide which model is the right one for your needs. There are three models that we believe fit the bill perfectly for all kinds of workplaces.

One of the top models that we recommend is the Fracino Classico. Ideal for small workplaces with a few employees who love their coffee, the Classico is capable of preparing up to 70 cups per day, and thanks to its contemporary, sleek styling it adds extra aesthetic finesse to your office environment. This machine allows users to steam milk and since two cups can be prepared simultaneously there’ll be no waiting when heading off to an important meeting.

Alternatively, the Fracino Cherub could be a better choice for you, especially if your workplace is particularly compact. With its impressive engineering, high-powered element and simple push-button operation, this is the ideal machine for small offices where demand for rich and strong coffee is high. Despite its size, the Cherub is capable of producing as many as 70 cups each day and can steam milk and the same time as making your brew so you can prepare speciality coffees in minutes.

On the other hand, if you’re running a micro office or are working from home, the Fracino Piccino could be the ultimate espresso machine for you. Designed to satisfy the coffee-making needs of the most demanding domestic users, the Piccino allows you to unleash your inner barista thanks to the silky-smooth coffee that it can produce.

Packed with smart engineering, this compact yet powerful machine allows you to make two coffees and froth milk simultaneously so you can show off all your coffee-making prowess to your clients or colleagues. Even better, this machine is simple to clean and with its stylish good-looks and choice of colours, the Piccino is sure to be a welcome addition to any home or micro office.

Making The Perfect Workplace Coffee

As you can see, the Fracino brand is certainly a great choice for traditional espresso machines, whether you need one for your home office, micro office or compact workplace. Thanks to its reputation for long-lasting durability, high-quality UK-made workmanship and, of course, for the truly delicious coffee that these machines can produce, there’s no better way to enjoy the pleasure of a barista-style coffee from the comfort of your desk.

Do you need something a little bigger? If you’re looking for an easier way to supply your clients, colleagues and employees with the finest coffee on a larger scale, visit Roast & Ground today. You’ll find an impressive selection of coffee machines to meet all your workplace needs, from high-volume bean-to-cup machines to high-capacity filter options. Discover our range now and start enjoying amazing coffee that ticks all your boxes.