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Are you looking for a way to enjoy more ethical coffee at work or home? Then discover our biodegradable coffee pods – the perfect eco-friendly option.

These days, it’s fair to say that we’re all looking for ways to do our bit for the environment and reduce our carbon footprints. Whether at home or work, we’re all trying to actively seek out more eco-friendly and ethical options. From using recycled paper to choosing green cleaning products, we’re all trying harder to take steps towards a more sustainable future, and now you can do one more thing to help the environment that involves one of our favourite things – coffee!

Now, you may be wondering how on earth your daily cups of Java can help you to achieve your ethical goals, but in fact, it isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. If you’ve got a capsule coffee machine, now you can take one step forward to eco-friendliness with biodegradable coffee capsules.

What Are Biodegradable Coffee Capsules?

Although coffee capsules represent one of the simplest and most convenient solutions for coffee making in homes and workplaces all over the country, they do throw up one ethical problem. After all, coffee capsules aren’t particularly environmentally friendly. A single-use pod that gets thrown straight in the bin after making a cup of the dark stuff isn’t the best option when sustainability is today’s primary goal.

Luckily, Julius Meinl, an Austrian coffee company, has stepped up to the plate to address this all-too-common problem. This company was first established in the Austrian capital, Vienna, in the late 19th century but its products have been little known out of its native coffee-loving country until now.

With its 100% biodegradable coffee capsules, Julius Meinl has removed all your ethical concerns in one fell swoop. Our range of Julius Meinl capsules won’t just degrade over 12 weeks so that they won’t contribute to the country’s landfill problem, but they are also Fairtrade. This means you can be confident that the coffee growers will be paid a fair wage for their work.

Not only can you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re doing your bit for the planet, but you can also enjoy a cup of delicious, rich and smooth coffee while you do. It’s a win-win situation all round!

Convenience and Quality Without Compromising On Taste

No coffee lover wants to compromise on the taste of their favourite blend but the good news is that when you choose Julius Meinl’s biodegradable capsules you won’t have to sacrifice flavour for eco-friendliness. Not only that, but you can also rest assured that there’s nothing complicated about using these pods. Since these are Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules you can simply pop them into your machine, press the button, receive your tasty brew and then throw them away in your regular bin.

As they’re guaranteed to be entirely biodegradable, the capsules degrade completely within 12 weeks so they can be placed in the waste. They can also be commercially composted, or placed in your own compost. These capsules are made from 100% certified renewable resources and are guaranteed to be entirely free of BPAs, OGMs, PVDC and aluminium. They also feature a patented aroma seal that keeps oxygen out of the coffee to ensure that rich coffee aroma is perfectly preserved for the ultimate taste and flavour. We offer three different kinds of capsules to pick from, so there’s sure to be something to suit your preferences.

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Julius Meinl’s Organic Bio Fairtrade Espresso

Certified organic, these Julius Meinl’s espresso blend capsules are made from a unique and delicious combination of Fairtrade 100% Arabica beans from Honduras and Peru. The coffee produced from these capsules is fruity, delicate and rich, with overtones of hazelnuts that tantalise your tastebuds.

Innovative and convenient, these fully-biodegradable pods are perfect for anyone who wants to benefit from the speed and low-maintenance of capsule coffee machines but who also wants to keep their conscience clear. You can simply throw them away in your standard bin and they will degrade within 12 weeks. Don’t be tempted to place them in your food bin as food waste degrades more quickly.

Julius Meinl’s Fairtrade Bio Lungo

If crema is your thing, you’re going to love these Bio Fairtrade Lungo capsules from the Julius Meinl brand. Made by one of the oldest coffee roasting companies in the world, you can rest assured that these coffee capsules won’t disappoint thanks to the balanced and sweet blend of robust and fine Arabica beans that produces a truly luxuriant crema that will satisfy even the most demanding coffee connoisseur.

Boasting a beautiful toasted hazelnut colour and an intense, rich aroma with overtones of fresh bread, sugar cane, almond and malt, the coffee produced from these pods serves you a wonderfully bright flavour together with a buttery, mellow aftertaste and fruity acidity.

Julius Meinl’s Decaf Bio Espresso

If you love your coffee but you’re trying to reduce your caffeine intake, these Julius Meinl decaf espresso capsules are sure to hit the spot. Perfectly-balanced and full-bodied, this decaffeinated espresso blend mixes Arabica coffee with a hint of Robusta for a velvety and soft richness. The brand’s patented seal protects the aroma that is reminiscent of cereal or freshly baked bread while the full, sweet flavour boasts a wonderfully creamy aftertaste.

Choosing Your Ethical Blend

As you can see, there’s no easier way to enjoy ethical, eco-friendly coffee from the comfort of your sofa or desk. Our range of wonderfully crafted blends from the popular, high-quality Julius Meinl brand is sure to impress thanks to its biodegradable capsules and Fairtrade certification. However, if you need to buy coffee on a larger scale for your business or workplace, visit Roast & Ground today. Boasting an excellent choice of expertly blended, great tasting coffees for filter or bean to cup machines, you’re sure to find everything you need to guarantee the most delicious caffeine fix!