WE8 with Cool Control Milk Cooler

Perfect for up to 30 drinks daily

Even a small office can enjoy big flavour with the sleek and stylish WE8 coffee machine plus 1L Cool Control milk cooler. Designed to deliver perfectly brewed speciality coffee, there’s no easier way to enjoy coffee just how you like it.

There are 16 different coffee specialities available which use state of the art technology to extract sumptuous depth and richness for every cup. A fine foam frother is included as standard which makes an afternoon cappuccino a real treat. Simply make your selection and the WE8 will deliver.

This coffee machine features smart engineering so you can decide just how you want your drink. The Cool Control milk container will keep your milk chilled to perfection. You can choose what type and how much coffee you want in your cup, together with the volume of water. The accompanying J.O.E smartphone app allows you to select and save your preferences and order drinks from your phone.

With no need for plumbing, the WE8 is the ideal solution for small offices and homes that love to drink high-quality coffee. Compact dimensions mean it won’t take up a lot of space, and can just sit discreetly in the corner until you’re ready for a brew.

Free 450g coffee with this machine – choose your free pack at the checkout. 

Despatched within 3 – 5 days.

£1,980.00 ex. VAT
£2,376.00 inc. VAT


– 3Litre water tank.
– Will hold 500g coffee beans.
– Grouts drawer capacity of 25 portions.
– Accompanying J.O.E (Jura Operating Experience) smartphone app.
– Personalise coffee strength and water used.
– 16 different coffee specialities including double espresso, latte macchiato, flat white and cappuccino.
– Luxurious, fine-textured milk foam.
– Capable of making up to 30 cups per day.
– Perfect for small offices, studios, showrooms and busy homes.
– Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) delivers maximum flavour.
– 15-bar high-performance pump.
– Integrated cleaning and rinsing program.
– Hot water for green tea.
– One-touch function.
– Height-adjustable for different sizes of cup.
– Accompanying 1l Cool Control milk cooler in black.

Technical Specifications

Recommended cups per day30
Water tank capacity3Litre
Bean container holding capacity500g
Cable length1.1m
Voltage / Power220 – 240(V)
Current10 amp
Stand-by power0 Watt
Integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programYes
Integrated milk system rinsing and cleaning programmeYes
Filter cartridgeCLARIS Pro Smart / CLARIS Smart
Number of products12
Compatible with touch-free AppYes
Hot water0,24l / Min
Monitored drip trayYes
Programmable and individually adjustable waterYes
Programmable milk / milk foamYes
Drink volume analysisYes
Resettable day counterYes
DisplayColour display


Q: How long does it take to make a coffee?
A: The length of time depends on the coffee chosen, but typically between 30 seconds (ristretto) and 1 minute 26 seconds (latte macchiato).

Q: Can I save my personal preferences?
A: Yes, the J.O.E smartphone app allows you to customise your coffee and save your settings for future use.

Q: What kind of locations is the WE8 designed for?
A: Capable of making up to 30 cups of speciality coffee per day, it’s ideal for small offices, studios, stores, showrooms and homes.

Q: Does this coffee machine need to be plumbed in?
A: No. The water is drawn from the integrated 3-litre tank and only needs to be plugged into a wall socket to start working.

Q: What if I don’t like coffee?
A: The WE8 can produce hot water at a temperature that’s perfect green or white tea.

Q: Is it hard to clean and descale the machine?
A: It is not hard, but on-going machine cleaning and maintenance is really important. Scale build-up will affect drink quality and eventually cause faults. Scale-related faults are generally not covered by manufacturers’ warranties. When using fresh milk, it is especially important to clean regularly so the equipment is hygienic and safe to use. You should always follow the manufacturer guidelines regarding frequency of cleaning and descaling and use the recommended products. You can find the products recommended for the machines we sell here.

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