Cremio Milk Frother

Enjoy frothy milk the easy way with the Cremio Milk Frother. With an integrated heater you can enjoy both hot and cold milk frothed to perfection. Add to hot or cold coffee, hot chocolate or other milk drinks.

A non-stick interior and removable, dishwasher-safe lid and whisk means you can enjoy beautifully frothed milk without the hard work. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to pour, and there’s cool-touch technology for safety during use. Coloured LED lights make it clear when you’re heating the milk.

Despatched within 3-5 days.

£70.00 ex. VAT
£84.00 inc. VAT


– Integrated heater for warming milk.
– Froths hot and cold milk.
– Perfect for cappuccino, macchiato or iced coffee.
– Non-stick inside coating for easy cleaning.
– Dishwasher-safe components.
– 360° base and ergonomic handle for ease of use.
– Illuminated buttons.
– Min and max indicators for safe operation.
– Blue and red lights for cold and warm functions.
– Durable stainless steel design.
– Past winner of the prestigious Plus X Award.
– Cool-touch housing for protection.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer’s Guarantee (Years)2
Cable Storage CompartmentYes
Non-Stick CoatingYes
Temperature selectionWarm & Cold



Q: Can I use non-dairy milk?
A: Yes. The Cremio Milk Frother is compatible with dairy milk, soya milk and lactose-free milk. For the best results, use a milk with a high-protein content. We find the Alpro Barista range works well.

Q: How will I know if it’s heating the milk?
A: The operation light is blue for cold milk and red for warm milk.

Q: Do I have to heat the milk myself first?
A: No. The integrated heater warms the milk up while frothing it.

Q: Is it easy to clean?
A: The lid and whisk are fully removable, and are dishwasher- safe.

Q: Is it suitable for use with other drinks?
A: Yes! Use your frothed milk however you want; we think it’s great in cocoa and even on desserts.

Q: How much milk does it take?
A: The capacity is 100-250ml for warm milk or 100- 150ml for frothed milk.

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