Perfect for up to 70 drinks daily

Deliberately designed to be compact, there’s an impressive amount of engineering crammed into this one-group, semi-professional machine. A full-sized brass group head and high-powered element deliver a rich and developed flavour, so that every cup of coffee is just as it should be.

The Cherub is the ideal size for small office, as well as small establishments such as hair salons, boutiques showrooms and bars. With a push-button switch which leaves you in control of the amount of coffee being dispensed, two coffees can be made at once, with up to 70 cups per day. It can steam milk simultaneously, providing the full range of specialty coffees.

Free 450g coffee with this machine – choose your free pack at the checkout. 

Despatched within 1-2 weeks.



– Manual fill semi-professional, one group machine for the micro office and low volume outlets.
– Can make two drinks and steam milk simultaneously.
– Full size, thermosyphonic, brass bodied group ensuring consistent temperature and smooth extraction.
– Electronic water control and pressure gauge.
– Alarm sounds when the water tank needs to be refilled.
– Automatic power shut-off if water level drops below minimum.
– Semi-automatic push-button switch so you decide how much coffee you want.
– Sleek, stainless steel stylish design.
– Constant temperature maintained with thermosyphonic circulation.
– Stainless steel tubes for easy cleaning.
– High-quality copper boiler.
– No plumbing required for installation.
– Group clearance 85mm.
– Available in black or stainless steel or we can provide a quotation for a bespoke colour or design.

Technical Specifications

Boiler Capacity2.3Litres
Element Rating2.85kw/13Amp



Q: What’s the installation process?
A: There’s no plumber or electrician needed as the Cherub has a water tank. Just plug in, follow the clear instructions and start using. We are on-hand to help if you would like any guidance. We also offer an installation and familiazation service if you would like a hand to get started.

Q: How much water will it hold?
A: The capacity is 3 litres.

Q: How do I get the coffee the way I like it?
A: You can adjust all elements of your coffee with a traditional machine. From coffee beans, to water volume, to milk type and preparation. Part of the fun is experimenting and enjoying different drinks on different occasions. It’s also perfect for when a small office team all have different requirements. The push button operation makes it easy by allowing you to choose how much coffee to put in the cup.

Q: How big is the Cherub?
A: Dimensions are 380mm high x 360mm width x 460mm depth.

Q: Can I make any drinks other than coffee?
A: Yes. There’s a hot water outlet so as well as espresso, cappuccino and latte, you can also make hot chocolate and tea. You can add syrups, make espresso martinis, the world is your oyster.

Q: Is it suitable for office?
Yes, this is a low-volume semi-professional traditional machine. It is perfect for the small office, showrooms, and similar. Just check out the sizes above to make sure you have space, remembering you need a bit of room around you to put your group head, grinder and other accessories.

Q: How many drinks can it make per day?
A: The Cherub can make up to 70 drinks per day.

Q: Is it hard to clean and descale the machine?
A: It is not hard, but on-going machine cleaning and maintenance is really important. Scale build-up will affect drink quality and eventually cause faults. Scale-related faults are generally not covered by manufacturers’ warranties. When using fresh milk, it is especially important to clean regularly so the equipment is hygienic and safe to use. You should always follow the manufacturer guidelines regarding frequency of cleaning and descaling and use the recommended products. You can find the products recommended for the machines we sell here.

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