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Barista Wrench

Seven-in-one filter basket popper tool that separates the basket from the portafilter handle and has a raft of other uses.

£7.91 ex. VAT

Edge Tamping Mat

Durable commercial rubber makes this counter top tamper perfect for heavy usage and ensures protection of the portafilter, while preventing dents. Easy to clean.

£18.56 ex. VAT
Roast & Ground Direct
Roast & Ground Direct

V60 Coffee Dripper

The V60 is a simple to use coffee-making method that brings out the cleanest flavour from your coffee. The name V60 derives from the dripper’s design: the cone is V shaped and has a 60° angle. The dripper shot to fame when it was used in the 2010 World Brewers Cup in London. It is now a regular feature of the competition and synonymous with the highest standards of craft in coffee making equipment.

From £19.95 ex. VAT

Speciality Group Head Cleaning Brush 3gm scoop

The long handle and plastic tab directs hot water away from hands when cleaning the group head. The 3g scoop is perfect for using with Puly Caff powder.

£2.42 ex. VAT
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