Kaldi’s DiscoveryEthiopia

Elegant & Uplifting
Silky top-end coffee from
the prestigious Sidamo region

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£12.90 per bag per month

£12.90 per bag per month

Save 5% - any 2-5 bags
Save 10% - any 6-11 bags
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We’ve named this archetypal Ethiopian washed coffee
in honour of Kaldi, the goat herder who, legend has it,
discovered coffee’s reviving potential when he noticed
his goats were too energetic to sleep after eating the
berries of a particular tree.

Ethiopia’s Rift Valley has everything necessary to produce
beans of outstanding quality and this is as fine a coffee as
you can buy anywhere. In the cup, it’s beautifully rounded,
with a fruit-forward, creamy flavour and delicate finish –
think berries coated in milk chocolate. You’ll find it’s the
perfect indulgence whether you’re treating yourself, or
friends, family and colleagues.

Beans of outstanding quality... as fine a coffee as you can buy anywhere