Flexy Capsule Machine

Perfect for up to 15 drinks daily

If you’re in the market for a capsule machine then the Flexy Capsule Machine should be on your list. With almost half a century in the coffee industry, producer SGL are recognised for their superior engineering and stylish, Italian-inspired, designs.

The Flexy is a slimline option, measuring just 12cm across, so you can enjoy your favourite espresso even if you’re short on space. It makes a brilliant espresso or lungo with the Julius Meinl fully biodegradable capsules. Cleverly it can also work with the original Nespresso or Nespresso compatible capsules.

This automatic version enables you to select a short or long espresso. Precise temperature control delivers the perfect cup every time. Quick, convenient and great for a busy micro or home office.

Free 3×10 box of capsules with this machine – choose your free selection at the checkout. 

Despatched within 3-5 days.

£125.00 ex. VAT
£150.00 inc. VAT


– Full-flavoured espresso coffee.
– This electronic model allows you to choose a short or long espresso.
– Electronic temperature control.
– Compatible with a range of capsules and pods.
– Push-button operation.
– Compact dimensions.

Technical Specifications

Drink OptionsEspresso
Water Tank0.6Litre
Temperature ControlElectronic



Q: How much does it weigh?
A: 3.5kg.

Q: How much water can it hold?
A: The water capacity is 0.6 litres.

Q: Will Nespresso capsules fit into this machine?
A: Yes, original Nespresso and Nespresso compatible capsules can be used.

Q: How big is this machine?
A: The slimline design measures 245mm height x 120mm width x 375mm depth.

Q: Can I only make espresso?
A: This automatic model also makes a lungo (a longer espresso)

Q: Is it difficult to install?
A: No – just plug it in to start enjoying your coffee. No plumber or electrician required.

Q: Is it hard to clean and descale the machine?
A: It is not hard, but on-going machine cleaning and maintenance is really important. Scale build-up will affect drink quality and eventually cause faults. Scale-related faults are generally not covered by manufacturers’ warranties. When using fresh milk, it is especially important to clean regularly so the equipment is hygienic and safe to use. You should always follow the manufacturer guidelines regarding frequency of cleaning and descaling and use the recommended products. You can find the products recommended for the machines we sell here.

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