Make brand new connections and discover your match

Make brand new connections and discover your match

Are you wanting a fresh connection or a brand new love? if so, singles online dating could be an ideal strategy for finding your match. with many individuals searching for love, it may be difficult to get the right individual. however with singles online dating, it is possible to connect with individuals from all over the world. there is a large number of different dating internet sites available, and it can be difficult to determine what type to use. but never worry, we are here to simply help. in this article, we’re going to go through the different types of singles online dating web sites and exactly how it works. we will additionally supply some tips on how to find the best site available. forms of singles online dating internet sites

there are a lot of different types of singles online dating web sites. however the two primary types are dating internet sites and matchmaking sites. dating sites are like traditional dating internet sites. you’ll sign up and flick through profiles of people who are looking for a relationship. you may also message other users and attempt to start a conversation. matchmaking internet sites vary. they are built to help you find someone. they will match other users who possess comparable passions. after you’ve matched with some people, you can begin a conversation using them. both forms of internet sites have actually their very own benefits and drawbacks. dating web sites

dating internet sites are superb if you wish to relate with lots of people. they have some users, which means you’re more likely to find somebody who’s compatible with you. but dating websites is slightly impersonal. that you do not become familiar with the individual you are messaging very well. matchmaking internet sites

matchmaking internet sites are great if you want to find a certain individual. matchmaking web sites are a little more personal. which type of site is best available? that depends on your goals. if you would like relate genuinely to many people, a dating site is the better option. how to locate the greatest singles online dating site for you personally

when you are seeking a singles online dating website, the first thing you must do is decide what your goals are. can you would like to interact with people or do you want to find a specific partner? but if you intend to find a particular partner, a matchmaking website is the better option. once you have determined which type of site is most beneficial available, the next step is to determine which website is better for you personally. we are going to focus on the various kinds of dating web sites. old-fashioned dating web sites

traditional dating internet sites are just like the traditional dating internet sites you’re most likely accustomed. is generally considerably traditional dating web sites usually they will have lots of users. online dating internet sites

online dating internet sites will vary. they’re designed to connect other people. they are designed for people that are on the go. is generally considerably mobile dating sites

Meet sexy adult singles now

Are you searching for a romantic date or someone to invest some quality time with? in that case, you may want to give consideration to meeting sexy adult singles. adult dating could be an enjoyable and exciting strategy for finding someone who shares your interests and whom you can relate to on a deeper degree. there are numerous sexy adult singles out there that would love to meet some body as you. if you should be enthusiastic about fulfilling special someone, you will want to try online dating? there are many websites that offer sexy adult singles someplace to get in touch with other people whom share their passions. whether you are looking for an informal date or a longer-term relationship, online dating may be a powerful way to discover the individual you are searching for. you will find singles that thinking about a myriad of tasks, and you may find singles that looking a serious relationship. if you are thinking about fulfilling sexy adult singles, internet dating is a superb solution to get going. there are numerous internet sites that provide many different features, to find the dating experience that is right for you personally.

Connect with like-minded singles and commence chatting

If you are looking for ways to interact with like-minded singles, online relationship is a good way to start. with many options available, you can find a match that’s right for you personally. one of the best approaches to find a match is join a dating site that caters particularly to lesbians. these sites offer a variety of features that will make dating easier. some of the great things about dating on a site designed for lesbians include the ability to find matches predicated on passions, location, and religion. also, these websites usually have more energetic communities, which will make it better to find friends and relate with other lesbians. if you are looking to fulfill other lesbians online, be sure to join a dating site that offers a fantastic consumer experience. internet sites that are easy to use and navigate are more inclined to attract users. in addition, websites that offer features like live chat and video clip chat tend to be more engaging and prone to induce much longer conversations. be sure to explore the choices and find the website that best suits your needs.

Enjoy the many benefits of online dating sites with tender singles

Online dating is now ever more popular recently, and for valid reason. there are many advantages to internet dating, like the power to relate with folks from all over the world. one of the best benefits of online dating sites is the opportunity to find someone who’s additionally wanting a relationship. online dating sites are a powerful way to meet individuals who are enthusiastic about similar things. you’ll find individuals who share your interests, and you may additionally find individuals who are suitable for you. there are also those who are enthusiastic about dating somebody who works with using them. there are plenty of kinds of online dating services, and you may find the appropriate one available. you can find dating sites for folks who are looking for a relationship, internet dating sites for people who are searching for a casual relationship, and internet dating sites for those who are seeking a one-night stand. there are online dating sites for those who are searching for a long-term relationship. you’ll find people that are interested in a significant relationship, or you will find individuals who are in search of a short-term relationship. you’ll be able to find
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3 Must Drink Coffees from Roast & Ground

coffee roast ground

Sustainable and Delicious: Introducing 3 Must-Drink Coffees

Whether you like your coffee full-bodied, bright or mellow, you’ll find Roast & Ground coffee beans to delight your taste buds. At Roast & Ground we have refined our coffee range over 18 years or so, to deliver satisfying cups of coffee that can be enjoyed morning, noon and night.

With subtle flavours that envelop you in a caressing hug, to robust pick me ups that instantly energise, our range of handpicked coffees is a perfect match to our coffee machines that will deliver cup after delicious cup.

But delicious coffee is only part of the story. The environment and care for our planet informs everything we do, and that means choosing coffees which are produced using sustainable methods. The three coffees that we focus on in this blog are Rainforest Alliance or Fairtrade certified, meaning you can enjoy a rich and satisfying coffee in the knowledge that, in the case of the Fairtrade mark the farmers are being paid a fair wage, whilst Rainforest Alliance ensures the land that the coffee is grown on is sustainably harvested. Here’s a bit more about these accreditations and what they mean.


Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance is a certification that covers many industries, from forestry and agriculture through to tourism. The one thing they all have in common is that the services or products only use natural resources which are sustainable and considerate of the environment.

For coffee production this means that every step is meticulously planned to conserve forests, protect natural water sources and nurture soil health, while maximising crop yield and harvesting sustainably.


Fairtrade is a global body that many people will have heard of, an organisation that ensures farmers and workers in developing countries get treated properly. This means safe working conditions and fair prices.

As part of their overall standards, Fairtrade also consider sustainability. To receive the Fairtrade mark, a farmer must demonstrate that their processes are eco-friendly and meet the requirements for sustainable production.

Of course, sustainability is about more than just the farming and production, so we play our part too. Our coffee comes in large packs, typically double the size of the packs of gourmet coffee that you’d buy from the supermarket. This means less packaging, and less waste – and more delicious coffee for you.

So which coffee should you choose? Here’s a bit about three of our best-sellers.

9-to-5 Rainforest Alliance

The name 9-to-5 Rainforest Alliance tells you everything you need to know: a sustainable, certified coffee, it’s easy to drink and can be enjoyed throughout the day.

The Natural Bourbon coffee beans are harvested from the highly acclaimed Daterra estate in Brazil, a country known for producing deliciously well-rounded coffee.

Daterra has the oldest coffee plantations in the Cerrado region with exceptional growing conditions that produce memorable coffee. They were the first Rainforest Alliance Estate in Brazil, winning the Prêmio Fazenda Sustentável 2015 prize for being the most sustainable Brazilian farm.

All of this is reflected in the care that is taken in the production of the coffee, which fuses traditional and handpicked methods with cutting edge technology. Each plantation area is harvested individually, with the beans precision-dried and rested to give a soft, velvety taste.

The complex flavours of 9-to-5 are evidence of the high-quality production. Medium roasted, this is a blend that will appeal to many coffee drinkers offering ripe cherry tones and deeper caramel, chocolatey flavours. When drunk with milk, this blend gains a fuller body, with buttery nutty notes more evident.


Pick Me Up Fairtrade

Pick Me Up is a light to medium roast made from a single arabica coffee from Huila in Columbia. The result is a gently uplifting cup of coffee that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Columbia has one of the best coffee-producing pedigrees and one of only a handful to produce the sought-after arabica beans. Huila is one of the largest speciality regions within Columbia, a mountainous area which nestles in the south west of the country. The lush soils are perfect for crops which include banana, cocoa, and sugar cane, and of course coffee.

These conditions mean that Huila Columbian coffee is known for a rich yet mild flavour, with an absence of any bitterness.

Pick Me Up is a Fairtrade coffee which is ethically sourced from a multitude of small growers in the Huila state, from farms with an average size of less than three hectares. This means every coffee been has been carefully nurtured through to harvest, resulting in the finest coffee around.

This clean-tasting cup of coffee combines citrus acidity with an intense caramel flavour, rounded off by toasted hazelnuts and distinctive milk chocolate. Even when enjoyed with milk, the sweet nutty flavour is unmistakable, partnered by a creamy body and lingering butterscotch notes.


Borough Blend Fairtrade

We are constantly refining our Roast & Ground range and we love each of our coffees for different reasons and different uses. However, if we were pushed to pick a ‘house’ coffee, this one would be it. There’s nothing subtle about Borough Blend; it delivers a full and powerful flavour that’s ideal as a morning wake up, or an after-dinner energiser.

The intensity of this blend makes it ideal for an espresso, but is also delicious when used as a bean to cup or filter coffee.

Borough Blend is certified Fairtrade, so you can drink as much as you want knowing you are helping growers and farmers earn a living wage. The blend is harvested from a combination of arabica beans from the Indonesian Archipelago and combined with Central American beans.

Arabica beans in Indonesia are grown among spices and chillies in volcanic ash, giving a flavour that’s unique. Simultaneously earthy, piquant and velvety, Indonesia arabica coffee is bold and powerful with a strong and evocative aroma. In contrast, Central American beans are renowned for their sweet nuttiness, and the even balance of their flavours makes this the perfect partnership.

A cup of Borough Blend delivers satisfying caramel and fruity notes finished with a nutty chocolate flavour in a well-rounded velvety cup. When milk is added the sweetness intensifies, retaining its slight hint of characteristic spiciness but carrying the chocolate and caramel notes.

Need Some Help Deciding?

We prefer to offer a small but perfectly balanced coffee range. Small enough to try a variety and choose your favourite. If you are finding it difficult to know where to start, do get in touch as we don’t just provide the coffee, advising on the different beans, and of course coffee machine too, is an integral part of what we do.

If we’ve piqued your interest in Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance accreditations you might like to read our ‘No-nonsense Guide’


Is Coffee Good For You? The Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee

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Coffee Cup

A delicious shot of caffeine in a cup; coffee has been used for centuries as a pick-me-up. However, with decaf versions available too, coffee offers far more than a shot of energy when you need it.

Although it’s had some negativity over the years, coffee can have some very beneficial effects on the human body. We’ve pulled together some of the top facts which show just how many health benefits that coffee has.

Contains Vital Nutrients

The nutritional content of coffee is rarely discussed, so you might be surprised to learn that it has a lot of goodness. However, when you consider that coffee is made directly from a natural plant bean, it seems obvious that it would be packed full of healthy nutrients.

The nutrients are present in the largest quantities when coffee is freshly ground before being drunk. Just one cup of coffee could provide the following goodness:

  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) – 11% RDI (Reference Daily Intake)
  • Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) – 6% RDI
  • Manganese and potassium – 3% RDI
  • B3 (niacin) and magnesium – 2%

The amounts may seem negligible but when you consider how many cups of coffee you have every day, it’s easy to see how these nutrients quickly add up.

Powerful Antioxidant Action

Antioxidants are vital to the western diet, helping to combat the damage that free radicals inflict. For most people, coffee will be the greatest source of antioxidants, giving them a powerful shot with every cup of coffee they drink.

Coffee is high in antioxidants. Research has shown that the majority of people get more antioxidants from the coffee they drink than fruit and veg combined.

The effect of antioxidants shouldn’t be underestimated, making coffee one of the healthiest drinks you can choose.

 Aids Brain Function

The effect that caffeine has on energy levels has been well-documented. It is classed as a stimulant, and is the most widely consumed psychoactive edible in the world.

Caffeine is absorbed directly into your bloodstream, from the coffee you drink, travelling to your brain. From here, it blocks adenosine, an inhibitory neurotransmitter. This allows other neurotransmitters such as dopamine and norepinephrine to increase, sending neurons firing in all directions.

The outcome of this change in brain chemistry is improved function. Research has demonstrated improvements in reaction times, memory, mood, vigilance and general cognitive performance.

May Protect Against Cancer

While no-one is claiming that coffee is some kind of miracle cure, studies suggest that drinking coffee may provide some protection.

Cancer is one of the top causes of death globally, with cells in the body invading and spreading in an uncontrolled way. Coffee doesn’t seem to have an effect on them all, but it does seem to offer some protection against liver and colorectal cancer.

Research suggests that drinking coffee could decrease your risk of developing liver cancer by as much as 40%. Similarly, the risk of developing colorectal cancer could be reduced by 15%.

Large-scale studies on both these types of cancer indicated that drinking coffee could reduce the overall risk.

Could Lower the Risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are the first and second most common types of neurodegenerative diseases. Both more frequently seen in older people, neither are curable. This means that focusing on prevention is particularly important.

Staying active physically and mentally has shown to be beneficial, but drinking coffee can also help. Some studies show that the risk of Parkinson’s could reduce by 32-60% while the risk of developing Alzheimer’s could fall by as much as 65%.

Caffeine is believed to be key, especially for the prevention of Parkinson’s. Decaffeinated coffee does not seem to have the same protective effect.

Burns Fat

Caffeine is a key ingredient in many fat-burning supplements. This is because studies have shown that your metabolic rate can be increased by as much as 3-11% as a result of consuming caffeine.

There are very few natural fat-burners other than caffeine, so it’s little wonder that it’s found in almost every fat-burning supplement.

If you want to enjoy all these health benefits of coffee and more, take a look at our range of high-quality coffee, available to buy online.

shashi ch EyklrWNBxSM unsplash


Roast & Ground Coffee – Over 18 Years Of Crafting

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Roast & Ground Direct

If you’re looking for the best office coffee direct from the supplier, look no further than Roast & Ground who’ve been crafting great coffee for over 18 years.

When you’re searching for a supplier of coffee direct to your workplace, finding a reliable company that you can trust is key. Luckily, you can depend on Roast & Ground – after all, we’ve been in the business of supplying office coffee direct for more than 18 years. Thanks to our impressive range, we’re confident that we’ve got everything you need to satisfy the hot beverage needs of your colleagues and clients, and since we’ve been established since 2002, you can rely on the extensive long-term relationships we’ve forged with high-quality suppliers.

Do you need more convincing? Then read on to learn more about why we believe that Roast & Ground should be your first choice when it comes to having high-quality coffee and coffee machines delivered to your door.

What Do We Stand For?

As a trusted and long-established coffee supplier, the team here at Roast & Ground are proud of our values and mission to bring high-quality, sustainably sourced coffee within easy reach of workplaces everywhere. The products that we stock in our range are all meticulously roasted to bring true joy and pleasure to every cup. Whether you’re seeking the freshest coffee beans or the convenience of disposable capsules, we’re on hand to make sure you’re provided with everything you need.

We’re committed to building long-term relationships with our suppliers, ensuring that we select products that come only from traceable sources. Most of our coffees are either Rainforest Alliance or Fairtrade certified since we hold to a strong belief in promoting ethical practices. Of course, it goes without saying that we’re dedicated to forging ongoing relationships with our customers too, many of whom return time and again.

Our focus is on quality. That’s because we know that for coffee lovers, coffee isn’t just coffee, it’s a passion and a lifestyle choice. We take coffee just as seriously as you do, and that’s why we concentrate on limiting our selection to only the very best. We work to ensure we only select well-balanced coffees that offer depth of flavour across a wide variety of taste profiles. Coffees that work brilliantly with the machines we sell, together with a selection that meets the many and varied needs of the workplace coffee.

It is this focus on quality that we believe is why so many of our customers have been relying on us to supply their office coffee for many years – they know that we’re just as keen to provide them with great coffee as they are to drink it!

Roast & Ground Direct

Our Coffee Beans

We have coffee in our blood here at Roast & Ground. We always insist on using only sustainably sourced, top-quality beans so whether you love your Java super-strong or whether you like a mellow blend you can sip to your heart’s content, you’re sure to find the flavour and balance you desire in beans that work perfectly with our range of machines.

Our 9-to-5 comes from Daterra, one of Brazil’s most celebrated coffee estates and its first certified Rainforest Alliance farm. It is a natural bourbon Arabica with a wonderfully sweet taste that has been medium roasted so its caramel and chocolate flavours can be released to perfection. Easy to drink, this coffee is cherry-like in sweetness but when milk is added it develops more body as well as a more nutty and buttery taste.

If you’re looking for a well-balanced coffee for all-day sipping, Time Out could be ideal for you. Made from a mix of South American and Central Arabica beans, this coffee delivers a well-rounded and fully-flavoured cup of nutty, chocolatey goodness that is the ideal excuse to take a break!

Meanwhile, our Borough Blend is a particularly intense, high-quality coffee that is sure to wake you up in the morning. Perfect for espresso, this coffee is Fairtrade certified and combines Arabica beans from Central America and the Indonesian Archipelago for a well-balanced and nutty flavour that boasts plenty of fruity acidity and caramel sweetness. You’ll also note a hint of spiciness alongside the velvety-smooth chocolate finish when you add milk.

For a well-rounded and flavourful complex coffee, Powwow a blend of Robusta and Arabica beans is the ideal choice. Its creamy and smooth texture has just a hint of sweetness and acidity as well as caramel, dark chocolate and nutty flavours that are sure to be a crowd-pleaser for the whole office.

However, if you’re trying to cut back on caffeine, our Pura Decaf might be a better option. With a delightful flavour and no chemical residue, this coffee is medium-bodied and smooth with a slight hint of burned sugar sweetness. Its notes of cookie dough, milk chocolate and roast peanuts are truly Colombian and make the addition of milk even sweeter and more delicious.

For a true Pick Me Up, our single origin Colombian that goes by this appropriate name meets all of the strictest quality criteria while also being ethically sourced. Boasting plenty of flamboyant sweetness, this coffee has caramel, hazelnut and milk chocolate flavours along with citrus-like acidity for an easy-drinking and clean cup. With its creamy body and taste and impressive butterscotch notes on the finish, this will give you a lift whenever you need it most.

On the other hand, if voluptuously creamy and syrupy textured coffees are your thing, our Molten Toffee blend of Fairtrade Brazilian Arabicas and Indian Robusta beans brings cohesion, depth and earthy sweetness together in a beverage that is packed with fudge, chocolate, almond and peanut flavours, all topped off with a cedar-like elegant aroma.

Whatever your preferences, when it comes to amazing coffee you’re sure to find that we have everything you need at Roast & Ground to satisfy your needs.

Roast & Ground Direct

Fabulous Fracino – A British Brand

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Roast & Ground Direct

Are you looking for coffee machines for small offices? A Fracino coffee machine could be just what you’re looking for. Learn more here.

If you’re running a small business, whether from home or an office, finding a way to make delicious coffee is a top priority. After all, nobody can get motivated in the morning without a strong cup of the dark stuff on hand to help you wake up! When it comes to great-tasting coffee, it’s hard to beat a traditional espresso, and if you’re looking for the best coffee machines for small offices, a Fracino coffee machine could be just what you need.

Who Are Fracino?

Fracino’s espresso coffee machines are well-known as a brand leader in the UK for their reliability, durability and high performance.  As an award-winning manufacturer of espresso machines, Fracino are famous for their innovative flair which has led to their machines being exported across 5 continents to more than 70 different countries.

The brand was first established in the early 1960s when Frank Maxwell, known as the “godfather of espresso” decided to strip down a coffee machine that he bought second-hand during his family holiday to Italy. Just a year later, his business was launched from his garden shed as he began to import coffee machines and supply them to retail outlets all over the country.

Today within the UK, Fracino machines can be found in all kinds of venues, from restaurants and boutique hotels to coffee shops and offices. It’s no wonder, then, that anyone seeking a high-quality coffee machine for home offices would be well-advised to give this brand a try.

Roast & Ground Direct

Why Choose Fracino’s Prosumer Coffee Machines?

For those not in the know, prosumer coffee machines are designed to be one step up from a traditional domestic machine. Created to be more durable, more robust and more capable of withstanding the rigours of everyday use in a small office environment. These quality machines produce outstanding coffee in volumes that are ideal for anyone running an office from home, a micro-office or a small workplace with just a handful of employees on board.

Fracino boasts an impressive range of prosumer coffee machines that are perfect for coffee-loving employers and workers nationwide. Made from British-sourced copper, brass and stainless steel, their espresso machines are manufactured using the most cutting-edge technology by a talented team of skilled engineers. As a result, the model range this brand produces offers exceptional reliability, amazing quality and, above all, a long working lifespan.

Is An Espresso Machine For Me?

It’s fair to say that you need to be fairly engaged to invest in a traditional espresso machine. After all, there’s a learning curve involved in discovering how to make the perfect coffee to suit your tastes and preferences. Yet, learning those skills is certainly worth the investment in terms of time and money since once you’ve mastered the ability to produce the perfect espresso or cappuccino, you’ll have the ultimate flexibility when it comes to preparing your favourite brew.

Roast & Ground Direct

Which Fracino Machine Is The Best Choice For My Needs?

If you’re ready to invest in a Fracino espresso machine, you’ll need to decide which model is the right one for your needs. There are three models that we believe fit the bill perfectly for all kinds of workplaces.

One of the top models that we recommend is the Fracino Classico. Ideal for small workplaces with a few employees who love their coffee, the Classico is capable of preparing up to 70 cups per day, and thanks to its contemporary, sleek styling it adds extra aesthetic finesse to your office environment. This machine allows users to steam milk and since two cups can be prepared simultaneously there’ll be no waiting when heading off to an important meeting.

Alternatively, the Fracino Cherub could be a better choice for you, especially if your workplace is particularly compact. With its impressive engineering, high-powered element and simple push-button operation, this is the ideal machine for small offices where demand for rich and strong coffee is high. Despite its size, the Cherub is capable of producing as many as 70 cups each day and can steam milk and the same time as making your brew so you can prepare speciality coffees in minutes.

On the other hand, if you’re running a micro office or are working from home, the Fracino Piccino could be the ultimate espresso machine for you. Designed to satisfy the coffee-making needs of the most demanding domestic users, the Piccino allows you to unleash your inner barista thanks to the silky-smooth coffee that it can produce.

Packed with smart engineering, this compact yet powerful machine allows you to make two coffees and froth milk simultaneously so you can show off all your coffee-making prowess to your clients or colleagues. Even better, this machine is simple to clean and with its stylish good-looks and choice of colours, the Piccino is sure to be a welcome addition to any home or micro office.

Making The Perfect Workplace Coffee

As you can see, the Fracino brand is certainly a great choice for traditional espresso machines, whether you need one for your home office, micro office or compact workplace. Thanks to its reputation for long-lasting durability, high-quality UK-made workmanship and, of course, for the truly delicious coffee that these machines can produce, there’s no better way to enjoy the pleasure of a barista-style coffee from the comfort of your desk.

Do you need something a little bigger? If you’re looking for an easier way to supply your clients, colleagues and employees with the finest coffee on a larger scale, visit Roast & Ground today. You’ll find an impressive selection of coffee machines to meet all your workplace needs, from high-volume bean-to-cup machines to high-capacity filter options. Discover our range now and start enjoying amazing coffee that ticks all your boxes.

Biodegradable Capsules For More Ethical Coffee

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Roast & Ground Direct

Are you looking for a way to enjoy more ethical coffee at work or home? Then discover our biodegradable coffee pods – the perfect eco-friendly option.

These days, it’s fair to say that we’re all looking for ways to do our bit for the environment and reduce our carbon footprints. Whether at home or work, we’re all trying to actively seek out more eco-friendly and ethical options. From using recycled paper to choosing green cleaning products, we’re all trying harder to take steps towards a more sustainable future, and now you can do one more thing to help the environment that involves one of our favourite things – coffee!

Now, you may be wondering how on earth your daily cups of Java can help you to achieve your ethical goals, but in fact, it isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. If you’ve got a capsule coffee machine, now you can take one step forward to eco-friendliness with biodegradable coffee capsules.

What Are Biodegradable Coffee Capsules?

Although coffee capsules represent one of the simplest and most convenient solutions for coffee making in homes and workplaces all over the country, they do throw up one ethical problem. After all, coffee capsules aren’t particularly environmentally friendly. A single-use pod that gets thrown straight in the bin after making a cup of the dark stuff isn’t the best option when sustainability is today’s primary goal.

Luckily, Julius Meinl, an Austrian coffee company, has stepped up to the plate to address this all-too-common problem. This company was first established in the Austrian capital, Vienna, in the late 19th century but its products have been little known out of its native coffee-loving country until now.

With its 100% biodegradable coffee capsules, Julius Meinl has removed all your ethical concerns in one fell swoop. Our range of Julius Meinl capsules won’t just degrade over 12 weeks so that they won’t contribute to the country’s landfill problem, but they are also Fairtrade. This means you can be confident that the coffee growers will be paid a fair wage for their work.

Not only can you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re doing your bit for the planet, but you can also enjoy a cup of delicious, rich and smooth coffee while you do. It’s a win-win situation all round!

Convenience and Quality Without Compromising On Taste

No coffee lover wants to compromise on the taste of their favourite blend but the good news is that when you choose Julius Meinl’s biodegradable capsules you won’t have to sacrifice flavour for eco-friendliness. Not only that, but you can also rest assured that there’s nothing complicated about using these pods. Since these are Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules you can simply pop them into your machine, press the button, receive your tasty brew and then throw them away in your regular bin.

As they’re guaranteed to be entirely biodegradable, the capsules degrade completely within 12 weeks so they can be placed in the waste. They can also be commercially composted, or placed in your own compost. These capsules are made from 100% certified renewable resources and are guaranteed to be entirely free of BPAs, OGMs, PVDC and aluminium. They also feature a patented aroma seal that keeps oxygen out of the coffee to ensure that rich coffee aroma is perfectly preserved for the ultimate taste and flavour. We offer three different kinds of capsules to pick from, so there’s sure to be something to suit your preferences.

Roast & Ground Direct

Julius Meinl’s Organic Bio Fairtrade Espresso

Certified organic, these Julius Meinl’s espresso blend capsules are made from a unique and delicious combination of Fairtrade 100% Arabica beans from Honduras and Peru. The coffee produced from these capsules is fruity, delicate and rich, with overtones of hazelnuts that tantalise your tastebuds.

Innovative and convenient, these fully-biodegradable pods are perfect for anyone who wants to benefit from the speed and low-maintenance of capsule coffee machines but who also wants to keep their conscience clear. You can simply throw them away in your standard bin and they will degrade within 12 weeks. Don’t be tempted to place them in your food bin as food waste degrades more quickly.

Julius Meinl’s Fairtrade Bio Lungo

If crema is your thing, you’re going to love these Bio Fairtrade Lungo capsules from the Julius Meinl brand. Made by one of the oldest coffee roasting companies in the world, you can rest assured that these coffee capsules won’t disappoint thanks to the balanced and sweet blend of robust and fine Arabica beans that produces a truly luxuriant crema that will satisfy even the most demanding coffee connoisseur.

Boasting a beautiful toasted hazelnut colour and an intense, rich aroma with overtones of fresh bread, sugar cane, almond and malt, the coffee produced from these pods serves you a wonderfully bright flavour together with a buttery, mellow aftertaste and fruity acidity.

Julius Meinl’s Decaf Bio Espresso

If you love your coffee but you’re trying to reduce your caffeine intake, these Julius Meinl decaf espresso capsules are sure to hit the spot. Perfectly-balanced and full-bodied, this decaffeinated espresso blend mixes Arabica coffee with a hint of Robusta for a velvety and soft richness. The brand’s patented seal protects the aroma that is reminiscent of cereal or freshly baked bread while the full, sweet flavour boasts a wonderfully creamy aftertaste.

Choosing Your Ethical Blend

As you can see, there’s no easier way to enjoy ethical, eco-friendly coffee from the comfort of your sofa or desk. Our range of wonderfully crafted blends from the popular, high-quality Julius Meinl brand is sure to impress thanks to its biodegradable capsules and Fairtrade certification. However, if you need to buy coffee on a larger scale for your business or workplace, visit Roast & Ground today. Boasting an excellent choice of expertly blended, great tasting coffees for filter or bean to cup machines, you’re sure to find everything you need to guarantee the most delicious caffeine fix!

Best Coffee Machines for Small and Home Offices

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Roast & Ground Direct

Are you looking for the best coffee machines for small and home offices? Then read on to discover the top options for your business.

Whether you’re running your own business with just a few employees or whether you’re working from home, if you’re looking for the best solution to make sure you can get your caffeine fix whenever you and your workers need it most, you’re going to need to invest in a coffee machine. However, it can be difficult to choose a model that suits your specific needs.

After all, you don’t need a large commercial coffee machine that is designed to cater to the requirements of a major corporation or office block! A smaller machine that can still produce a delicious, steaming cup of Java is what you’re looking for, and we’ve got the ideal answer to your problem – a prosumer coffee machine!

What Is A Prosumer Machine?

If you’ve never heard of a prosumer coffee machine you certainly aren’t alone. These machines are designed for a specific purpose – to provide higher volumes of truly impressive coffee on a scale that is one step up from a domestic home coffee machine.

When you need a coffee machine that’s long-lasting and reliable, you’ll find one of these models ticks all your boxes. This makes them the ideal choice for anyone running a small or home office. When you need to make amazing coffee to impress your clients and satisfy your workforce, but you don’t need a fully-automatic, large-scale commercial machine, a prosumer model is precisely what you’ve been searching for.

What Type Of Prosumer Machine?

So, you’ve determined that a prosumer model is exactly what you’ve been looking for as a coffee-making solution for your office. The next decision is what type of prosumer machine to invest in. There is no shortage of options here, so let’s look at some of the pros and cons of each one.

You can choose between:

  • Traditional espresso machines
  • Bean-to-cup machines
  • Filter coffee machines
  • Capsule machines

Each one of these comes in different brands and styles, so doing your research is key.

Traditional Espresso Machines – The Pros And Cons

Do you like your coffee the traditional way – strong, simple and delicious? Then a traditional espresso machine could be just right for you. Designed to give you a perfect shot of caffeine every time, a prosumer espresso machine will produce cup after cup of wonderful, rich coffee with the perfect crema while the integrated milk frother will enable you to whip up a cappuccino, or flat white at a moment’s notice. The advantage of these machines is that you can make traditional, strong coffee that will knock your socks off. But on the downside, there’s some skill to master when it comes to getting each cup right the first time. It can be a challenge to get those barista skills perfected. Also, although they’re relatively simple to clean, some maintenance is required to keep them in good, hygienic working order.

Bean-To-Cup Machines – The Pros And Cons

If your idea of the ideal cup of the dark stuff is one that involves zero effort on your behalf, a bean to cup machine could be right up your street. The integrated grinder allows you to add your beans directly into the machine itself and at the press of a button, it’ll do all the hard work for you, freshly grinding the beans and turning them into a wonderfully frothy cappuccino or delightfully strong espresso in minutes.

Some of these machines are capable of producing all your favourite drinks, even complex ones like latte macchiatos, while thanks to their surprisingly quiet grinding process they won’t disturb everyone in the office. These machines do require some cleaning and that means ongoing maintenance is imperative. But with easy to follow instructions and the right cleaning tablets you won’t find it too onerous.

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Filter Coffee Machines – The Pros And Cons

Chances are, if you were in the workplace a couple of decades ago, a filter coffee machine would have been the standard. While they may seem old-fashioned, rest assured that the latest models are far from old hat. You’re sure to be impressed by the pure coffee tastes that these modern machines can produce thanks to cutting-edge technology that has been integrated into their designs. If you like to come back again and again for a refill, or if you need to make coffee for several people simultaneously, for example for the morning meeting, a filter machine is just what you’re looking for. On the downside, though, you’re stuck with just traditional coffee – black or with milk – there’s no fancy lattes or macchiatos here. That said, filter coffee machines provide an easy way to really explore the variety of coffee beans available and the myriad of flavours they offer. To enjoy your filter coffee at its best, consider grinding beans for every brew, and absolutely no stewing. Make less coffee, more frequently.

Capsule Machines – The Pros And Cons

Do you love your coffee but hate the hassle of cleaning and maintaining your machine? Then a capsule machine is sure to fit the bill. Designed for simplicity, hygiene and low-maintenance, these convenient, slimline machines can make an enormous variety of different types of coffee all at the touch of a button.

Just load up the capsule, make sure there’s water in the reservoir and you’re good to go. Even better, opt for our biodegradable capsules and there’ll be absolutely no excess waste. On the downside, though, you can only make one cup of coffee at a time – not ideal if there’s a few of you in the office all needing caffeine at the same moment!

Choosing The Best Brands

Whichever type of coffee machine will suit your micro-office or home office needs best, we can help you with all your requirements here at Roast & Ground Direct. We offer top makes and models such as the Fracino Piccino, Classico or Cherub, the Melitta Purista Series 300 or Barista TS Smart, the Melitta Aromafresh or Aroma Signature, or the SGL Flexy, all designed to make getting your daily coffee a pleasure and not a chore.

Perhaps you need a coffee machine designed for a larger office? A coffee-making solution for 50 or more cups daily? Then visit us at Roast & Ground to learn more about our range of commercial coffee machines for larger businesses.

Bean-To-Cup Machines – Home and Small Offices

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Are you looking for bean-to-cup machines for small offices? Or perhaps bean-to-cup machines for the home are what you need? Find them here.

Whether you’re looking for a coffee machine for your home that goes above and beyond the domestic norm or whether you’re seeking a perfect way to prepare delicious coffee for your small office, a bean to cup machine could be precisely what you need. The ideal choice for home and small offices, these machines are designed to take all of the hard work out of preparing fresh, rich and aromatic coffee, grinding the beans and making an amazing brew from the convenience of a single appliance.

Why Choose Bean-To-Cup Machines For Small Offices?

There are several reasons why bean-to-cup machines are the coffee machine of choice for small offices. However, perhaps the most important is that these appliances allow you to prepare delicious and aromatic coffee to enjoy at your desk with just the touch of a button. Designed to grind the beans, brew them and prepare the milk, these innovative appliances are speedy, simple to clean and, most importantly, high-performance. So you can satisfy your caffeine fix needs as well as those of your clients and co-workers in minutes.

Why Choose Bean-To-Cup Machines For The Home?

More domestic coffee lovers than ever before are turning to bean-to-cup machines thanks to the amazing flavour that they can produce. Grinding coffee beans in the comfort of your own home has become increasingly popular over recent years. Now these handy appliances allow you to save space on your countertop as well as time and effort when it comes to preparing your favourite brew by integrating both grinding, brewing and in some cases milk preparation functions into one device.

Now, all you need to do is press a single button and your trusty bean-to-cup machine will do everything for you, resulting in an amazingly fresh and flavoursome hot beverage in your hands in no time at all.

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Why Are Melitta And Jura Coffee Machines The Best Choice For Bean-To-Cup Preparation?

Our range of bean-to-cup coffee machines features models from two of the leading brands in the industry – Melitta and Jura. Both brands are well-known for the quality of their products and the impressive flavour and aroma of the coffee that they produce.

The Melitta brand hails from Germany and boasts a long and illustrious heritage in the coffee-making sector. Meanwhile, the Jura Professional range of coffee machines has long been a favourite with office customers thanks to their reliability, stylish good looks and user-friendly controls. Both brands represent the perfect choice for any domestic or small office coffee lovers who want to enjoy a tempting array of drinks without any additional fuss or hassle.

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Which Bean-To-Cup Machine Is Best For Me?

In our range, we offer a number of different bean-to-cup coffee machines, all of which promise durability, reliability and high performance. So, how do you choose which one is right for your needs? The answer depends very much on what you’re looking for.

For example, the Barista TS Smart could be ideal if you have eclectic tastes in coffee but only need to prepare around 15 cups per day. With its single-touch operation, this machine boasts a truly impressive 21 drink options all of which are of excellent quality and made to original Italian recipes. This machine is Smart by name and smart by nature – it doesn’t get much smarter than this since personalising your drinks can be accomplished from the palm of your hand using your smartphone. You can save all your favourite recipes to the My Coffee Memory facility, while the IntenseAroma function changes the brewing process to create even more flavour.

This is also a low-maintenance appliance with detachable milk and brewing chambers for easier cleaning. Having been awarded the Quiet Mark for the quietness of its grinder, this machine is the optimal choice for board rooms, meeting rooms and small offices where noise levels are at a premium.

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The WE8 with Cool Control Milk Cooler, on the other hand, from the Jura Professional range is ideal if you have larger scale coffee making needs. Suitable for preparing up to 30 cups each day, this machine brings big flavour to small offices thanks to its stylish and sleek good looks and simple-to-use operation. Users can choose from no less than 15 different speciality drinks, all of which are sumptuously rich and deep, and thanks to the integrated fine foam frother, making the perfect cappuccino couldn’t be easier.

Of course, as you would expect from a high-performance machine, this model comes with smart engineering built into its design, including a Cool Control milk container that keeps the milk chilled at just the right temperature. You can also quickly and easily customise your brew by choosing the type of coffee and the amount you want in the cup as well as the required volume of water. When used with the accompanying smartphone app, you can choose and save preferences and even order your favourite hot drink right from your phone.

Then again, if you’re running a micro office or are working from home and need a small but fully automatic bean-to-cup machine that will guarantee you cutting-edge technology along with exquisitely deep flavour, Melitta’s Purista Series 300 Fully Automatic machine is sure to fit the bill. Designed for compactness, this machine is just 20-cm in width and so can fit easily into tiny spaces.

Meanwhile, its removable units allow for easier cleaning and its innovative Favourite Coffee function allows you to save all your preferences in seconds. This appliance also boasts an aroma-extraction system for even greater depth of flavour with every sip. If black coffee drinks are your thing, the Purista is perfect for you.

While we’re sure that our small office bean-to-cup coffee machines will meet and exceed your expectations, we also know that sometimes you need coffee making solutions on a larger scale. If so, check out the Roast & Ground range of commercial coffee machines today to find a model that’s perfect for you, together with on-site maintenance contracts and more.